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All Things Therapy

Jul 21, 2016

Dr. Gerald Loren Fishkin has been in Private Practice as a Clinical Psychologist for 44 years. Today we speak about his 4th book which addresses the neuroscience underlying shame, "The Science of Shame And Its Treatment." Find him at:

Jul 14, 2016

This is Allison Shapiro's inspirational story of going from Neuroscience to Director of Marketing at Krispy Krunchy Chicken with over 2100 locations in 39 states and 4 countries. Find her at:

Jul 7, 2016

My guest, Marianne Williamson discusses her 7th New York TImes Bestselling book, "From Tears to Triumph: The Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment". She has authored 11 books, is an International Speaker, and leader on Spiritual Truths and Principles.