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All Things Therapy

Sep 28, 2017

My guest is Patricia Maher talking with me about how she has utilized Astrology and Homeopathy as tools for healing over the last 40 years in practice. FInd her below:

Sep 21, 2017

My Guest is Professor of History at Tulane University, Karissa Haugeberg. Her book, "Women Against Abortion," is acclaimed by The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books. Find it at:'women-against-abortion'

Sep 14, 2017

Today I'm with Nikki Eisenhauer, LLC- Life Coach to Therapists, Healers, Seekers and Dreamers about her Livestream and in-person events coming up including: "Soul Care and Resiliency" & "Unleash the Superpower of High Sensitivity and Healing." She is a podcaster, blogger, and utilizes improv techniques with...

Sep 7, 2017

Today's guest is Julianna Davis, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, and Crystal Healer of Auralux in Los Angeles, back on for a second time discussing her own healing experiences and processes and how she has used non-conventional modalities to overcome trauma, tragedy and loss. FInd here at:

Sep 1, 2017

My guest today is Dr. Dorine Karlin, ND, LAc. We discuss her utilization of Auricular Medicine. The ear is a micro system of healing connected to the Central Nervous System, Cranial Nerves, and the Spine. We'll also will discuss her Holistic Naturopathic Medical Practice and how she can help you! Find her...