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All Things Therapy

Apr 19, 2018

My guest is Laurie St.Clare, Evolutionary Astrologer, Reflexologist, and Intuitive. We discuss transiting Chiron, Uranus, and Saturn and what this means for your emotions. Find her at:

Apr 12, 2018

My guest is co-founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas discussing how we are the source for creating the changes we desire. He's a bestselling author, international speaker and facilitator. Access Consciousness was his answer to, "What can I do to help the World."

Apr 5, 2018

My guest today was Children Incorporated. They provide education, hope, and opportunity to children of 23 countries, including the US. You can sponsor a child for $30 a month in New Orleans, Detroit, Navajo Nation, Appalachia, DC, or worldwide to have food for the weekends, clothing, books, healthcare, and education....