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All Things Therapy

Feb 23, 2023

My guest is Caspar Szulc, President & Founder of Innovative Medicine and host of Your Health. Your Story. podcast where I was a guest! Casper shares the benefits of NAD+ Supplementation for our brain's wellness. NAD is contained in every cell of the body and levels drop due to stress, alcohol, and other environmental...

Feb 16, 2023

My guest is Tilly Storm ranked as a top 20 sex & intimacy coach in the world by The Coach Foundation. We discuss how to have more sensual and sexual pleasure even if you have experienced trauma in the past. She hosts the Multiorgasmic Millionaire podcast helping women to connect with their sexuality. More at https:

Feb 9, 2023

Emily Ghosh Harris offers a new paradigm of Business Mentorship from the vantage point of our business as a direct reflection of our energy. Integrating perspectives from human design, galactic astrology, gene keys, sound alchemy, and psychology, Emily will help you to understand your soul's unique blueprint and harness...