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All Things Therapy

Sep 29, 2022

* A solo episode sharing the podcasts I am listening to: 

  DNA Today
  Wishing You Wellness
  Wits and Weights 
* What I'm reading: Abundance- The Inner Path to Wealth, by Dr.       Deepak Chopra
* What I'm downloading:
* What I'm drinking: with checkout           code ATT20 for 20% off this amazing drink to help you focus!
* What I'm using on my skin: The AMAZING Blissoma Botanicals      line of products! Take 30% one of 4 trial sets of 5 products each    with checkout code ALLTHERAPY at:
* Plus a guided meditation and call to action for you to change a habit for 30 days and tell me about it and how it's going at (Like I have given up alcohol for 5 weeks and added the above to improve my health, wealth, mind, and      spirit).