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All Things Therapy

Jun 28, 2018

My guest today is author Cindi Michael. We discuss themes of narcissism, forgiveness, faith, and strength that run through her memoir, "A Sportscaster's Daughter." Find her at:

Jun 21, 2018

My guest is Marc Treitler, author of "My Dad is an Alcoholic: What About Me? A Pre-Teen Guide to Conquering Addictive Genes," and "Alcohol Drugs & You: A Young Person's Guide to Avoiding Addiction." Find out more at:

Jun 14, 2018

My guest is Tarra Judson Stariell, LMFT, CBT. We discuss her book: Lost and Found: A True Story of Brain Washing and Recovery. Tarra escaped a cult and became a Licensed healing practitioner treating survivors of trauma and abuse with a center in San Diego, CA. Find her at:

Jun 7, 2018

My guests today are Kay Baxter, Esq. and Nicole Russell, Esq. They discussed communication techniques and strategies for women who are working in a dominantly male industry. Baxter is Partner at Cosmich, Simmons & Brown. Russell is Owner and Director of Trading Counsel Solutions. Find Kay Baxter at:,...

Jun 1, 2018

My guest today is Yvonne L Larson discussing her work as the The Neck Work Expert. Her work teaches people and companies to live from an inner space of inspiration. Find her at: